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When it comes to achieving goals, how much is too much? You see the easiest way to achieve my goal sooner is to increase the number of runs that I do each week. I could also finish quicker if I run further each run. In fact I could do both run further and more often.

This will make sure that I finish my run around Australia challenge quicker. But what if I push too hard and break down? What if I then have to take time off to recover? Time goes by and the end result is that I am not making any progress.

This is effectively what happened at the end of my first year. I pushed too hard and my lower back gave out. I had to stop running. Even worse is that each time I tried to start running again I would break down very quickly. So I had no choice but to stop so that I could recover.

It took a long time before my lower back pain went away. Even longer before I could run again. And then life gets in the way and the goal fades. It then takes much more effort to even get started again. For me it took three and a half years to get moving again. That’s a long time and I was not even sure I could do it.

So for me, I am always asking how much is too much? Am I pushing too hard or can I go harder? I am like a yoyo. That is why I have decided to limit it to 3 runs a week and 24 km for now. Sure I could try and get a 4th run in every now and then. Push for a longer run. But the reality is if I do a minimum of 24km for at least 50 weeks then I would have covered 1,200 km in a year.

achieving goals - coffs harbour

As I Leave Coffs Harbour

That is more than enough to get me into Queensland, through Brisbane and up towards Townsville which would mark the completion of the East Coast. It would also get me close to 3,000 km since I started and signify that I am well on the way in my run around Australia.

This week 3 runs and 21 km completed. I have left Coffs Harbour and heading towards my next goal of Byron Bay. Another milestone for this week is that I passed the 1,100 mile mark.

End of Week 243:- 21.0 km / 13.0 miles
Total to Date:-  1,778.3 km / 1,105.0 miles

Given that I am a little behind in getting my posts up I thought that I would combine a few weeks to help catch up.

2 September 2012

So Week 244 sees me leave the township of Woolgoola, NSW and head inland for a little to my next target of Grafton, NSW.

End of Week 244:- 22.0 km / 13.7 miles
Total to Date:-  1,800.3 km / 1,118.7 miles

9 September 2012

This week sees me continue up the Pacific Highway and pass through the city of Grafton, NSW. I then follow the Pacific Highway along the Clarence River, heading back to the coast.

End of Week 245:- 22.5 km / 14.0 miles
Total to Date:-  1,822.8 km / 1,132.6 miles

16 September 2012

I continue to follow the Pacific Highway along the Clarence River this week and manage to to reach Mclean just short of the bridge to Chatsworth Island.

End of Week 246:- 23.5 km / 14.6 miles
Total to Date:-  1,846.3 km / 1,147.2 miles

Still running strong…


P.S. So steady as she goes, keep running consistently, and enjoy achieving goals.

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