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When it comes to achieving goals, denial is not a river in Egypt. This is a title of a book that I have never read but just from the title alone have gained so much… [Note to Self:- need to get the book who knows what else I might learn]. But before I get too far into that I need to give you a little background and start with my running diary….

This week has been a very interesting week as it started with the threat of the flu, my lower back problems started to play up again and yet with the slowly increasing distance I still managed to get my three runs in this week and managed to cover 24.5km.

The trouble that I had last week was that even though I managed to complete my goal for the week, I could feel the effects of the flu creeping in. Sore throat, running a slight temperature, headaches. Even though it had not hit I could just feel it coming on.

To make matters worse I saw firsthand the effect it had taken on my daughter who despite being very fit, was out of action for almost 2 weeks.  Having run on Saturday morning, I spent the rest of Saturday doing as much as I could to conserve energy and take it head on. Plenty of rest, soup and vitamin C. Same thing on Sunday.

By Sunday night it was night it was starting to really take hold, I was running a fever so I tried to sweat it out. I have found when I was running before that if you caught it early on you could sometimes run it out (although it was a bit like Russian roulette as if you got it wrong it could make it worse).

The good news is that by Monday the fever had broken and despite the night before, I was actually feeling good. Still minor traces but in the spirit of Russian roulette… thought I would test it out and go for a run on Monday night. Well it worked. I did back off a little in speed but still managed the 8km required for the run.

Then on Tuesday… My lower back pain had started up again, Now I have had runs where I have had a sore lower back before, but this was different. This is where the book title comes in… you see the fact is that it is becoming more common. Last time I was stopped by lower back pain due to a gradual build up over time. So if that is what is happening here then I need to recognise this. I cannot be in denial, pretending that it will fix itself. I need to accept that there is a problem and do something about it.

Funny thing is that when I stopped and thought about it I realised that I had fallen into old habits. I was almost back to my old running style. So the last 2 runs for the week were done a bit slower, as the faster I run the harder I land. And I just played around with different running techniques to try and lower the impact on my lower back…

End of Week 247:- 24.5 km / 15.3 miles
Total to Date:-  1,870.8 km / 1,162.5 miles

Bit of a challenging week, just happy to get to the end of this week …


P.S. So stop being in denial, try and see things as they really are, and start achieving goals.

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