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So if I am going to start achieving goals, then I will need to ramp up my goal setting. The good news is that I have managed to survive the first run. So where to from here?

Well the obvious answer is to start to ramp it up a little and try 2 runs this week. Basically I do not want to get too carried away at this point as I am still testing out the lower back. This is a distance or a long term challenge. So the last thing I want is to have problems and have to stop before I have even started.

Still too early to get too carried away with the long term goals. Even setting a 90 Day goal is a bit premature. So this week I will stick with my next short term goal…

My Goals

Short Term Goals

To continue to test my lower back with 2 runs this week. This week the aim is to do another 7 km run and a second of at least 5 km.

I continued on the treadmill and played around with increasing the speed of my running. I also like the treadmill because it has different programs that you can select that can vary the speed and incline as you run. This gives me some variety and helps pass the time. I really prefer the program that changes the incline every 3 minutes and simulates running up and down hills. I find this variation helps build my fitness levels quicker as I have to work harder to get up an incline.

Well I did manage to get my 2 runs in and managed to do 7km both times. I can still feel it as I ran. Still the best news is that my lower back was holding up well.

End of Week 240:- 14.0 km / 8.6 miles
Total to Date:- 1,724.5 km / 1071.6 miles

Another successful week …

It feels great to be running again,


P.S. So time to ramp it up a bit more, keep setting goals, and start achieving goals.

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