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Want to know a major key to help you achieve your goals? Well this secret is one of the most important skills you need to have when you set yourself a big goal, but first I need to give you a little background…

You see it has been a few years now since my around Australia challenge came to an end. After one year of continuious running the accumulated wear and led to my back giving out and I had to stop my run around australia. It took over a year for my back to feel right again. Over the years since then I have tried a number of times to start running again but it would not take long and my back would play up again.

I believe that the main problem with my back was in my running style. Because most of the padding on my shoes was in the heel my running style tended to always land heel first. The trouble with this is that this would put a lot of pressure on my lower back. And over time this would build up.

So I needed to adjust my running style to protect my back. So this time I tried landing more on my toes so that my heels would have a softer landing. Now the body is an amazing thing. You see that for every action it adjusts and this can place pressure on other parts of your body. So every time I would try something different I would have a new problem.

All this would be running around in my head every time I would start again and I would quickly end up finding an excuse to stop.

So how do you overcome all the negative chatter your head?

Well the secret is to “just do it!” You see there is a thing called momentum. If you have ever tried to push something heavy, like a car, you will know how hard it is to get it to first move. Once it is rolling it becomes alot easier to push, it takes alot less effort to keep it moving. So if l can just get started, it will get easier, and it will get me closer to achieving my goal.

So if I am ever to get this run around Australia challenge completed I just need to get started again

You can reach your goals,


P.S. So here I go again? I am back running again. Chasing down my carzy goal of running around Australia. Wishing you success with your goals. So dream big, get started and ensure you achieve your goals.

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