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Hi, and thankyou for visiting my run around Australia challenge website!

My name is Steven Difabrizio, and back in Janurary 2008 one of my goals was to set a long term goal to run to Sydney. The only problem was that my commitments prevented me from actually doing the run. However, I still liked the idea. I wanted to do the run. So instead I decided to do a virtual run

The idea was simple… each week I would go for a series of runs either on the treadmill or running around the local walking / running track. I would then measure the distance travelled and record my progress on a map working my way, run by run, from Warragul to Sydney. After all if you break it down 936 km in a year is only 18 km (11 miles) per week. Now that didn’t sound so scary.

As I progressed on my journey I then had a rush of blood and decided to extend it to a run around Australia. Over the next 12 months I continued to blog about my challenges and progress and was able to run from Warragul (my home town) up the coast, and inland to Canberra, back down the coast and into New South Wales, into Sydney and almost made Queensland. Despite a broken leg, in that first year I managed to run a total of 1,703.5 km (1,058.5 miles), before back problems bought my running to a sudden halt.

So I left my blog up as a reminder. Unfortunately, my hosting account expired without me realising and when I went for the backups I discovered that I had not backed up the website so I basically lost the website… As Homer would say Doh!!!

Now while I have tried at various time to start running again it was either too soon (back played up) or I just did not have the will.

Anyway, the other day I was unhappy with the scales and remembered how fit I was when I was running. So another rush of blood (I really got to stop doing that) and I decided to start running again to get rid of those extra kilos that I had collected. So here we go again…

Starting off simple to make sure the back is up to it, I have set a 90 day goal to run 240km or 20 km per week. I have done core strength exercises and modified my running style to take pressure off my back. You never know, once I get into it I may even extend it a little 🙂  I will try and repost the old posts as we go so that we can get the full website back up.

So, if you have any questions, please feel free to Contact me – I’d love to hear from you!

All the best,

Run Around Australia Challenge

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    "I think that you have really set yourself a difficult long term goal, so go for it and achieve your goals. Your progress in your first year was really inspiring, especially given that you broke your leg and were out of action for 12 weeks yet still managed to cover 1700km. Good to see that you are back and continuing the journey. I look forward to following your"

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