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I do not feel like celebrating the fact that it has been 250 weeks since I first started my run around Australia. Now 250 weeks would indeed be worth celebrating if I had been running non-stop since I started. But as anyone who has been following my run so far will know there was a long break in the middle of my run.

My first run started on the 1 January 2008 and ended on the 4 January 2009 (370 days) and in that time I covered 1,703.5 km. My current run started on 28 July 2012 and as of 14 October 2012 that represented 78 days. So 370 + 78 = 448 days / 7 = 64 weeks. Now that is a long way short of 250 weeks.

So for me it is a non-event. Besides I will have plenty of time to celebrate when I reach 2,000 km or when I leave the state of New South Wales and cross over the border into the state of Queensland. Both these events are not too far away. And the completion of stage 3 Sydney to Brisbane will not be too long after that.

Great news is that both my lower back pain and the troubles I was having with my knees have been fixed (Now that might be worth celebrating)

This week sees me stop just outside of Ballina, New South Wales as I head up the highway towards Byron Bay, New South Wales.

End of Week 250:- 25.7 km / 16.0 miles
Total to Date:- 1,946.9 km / 1,209.7 miles

Another week in my run around Australia,



P.S. So no time to celebrate as I continue on my run around Australia.

Just when my back is feeling fine I now have another setback in me achieving personal goals. This time I start the week with my knees playing up. I am convinced that the stretching had the biggest impact on fixing my back problems. So it is no surprise that to fix my knee problem I decided to try and warm them up prior to running.

Nothing too complicated just a simple exercise. Stand straight, feet together, bend the knees slightly and move the knees in a clockwise in a circular motion 10+ times and then repeat it in an anticlockwise motion. It also has the added benefit of warming up the ankles as well.

My pre run warm up now consists of stretching out the lower back and legs as well as warming up then knees and ankles. Now this is something that in hindsight I should have been doing all along. In fact if I look back it was something I was doing before I stopped running last time but I just forgot. The good news is that I can now touch my toes.

Even better I was able to finish the week feeling much better. Lower back great, knees great, now that is real progress. Managed to get 3 runs in this week and covered 25.5 km. So have just passed the 1,800 km mark since the start of my run around Australia challenge.

End of Week 249:- 25.5 km / 15.8 miles
Total to Date:- 1,921.2 km / 1,193.8 miles

This was a successful week.



P.S. So in achieving personal goals. make sure to respond to feedback and adjust.

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